Just like the way our kitchen and bathrooms need maintenance, our roof requires some attention after some time. It is almost impossible for someone to check their roofs every day and instantly know when to call the roofers for repairs. So, here we have discussed some signs that indicate roofing repairs are due;

1.    Moulds and moss

Moulds and moss can grow outside your roof. It causes the tiles to move apart, which creates a gap that starts storing water.

2.    Roof leaks

Roof leaks can cause serious trouble for the people living in the house. Broken seals or missing tiles usually cause this.

Finding puddles of water on the floor indicates damage to the roof. To detect the damage, look for leaks, or dark streaks in the attic. You may notice your walls have circular stains and hear water dripping within the walls.

3.     Loose Tiles

Check your roof for loose or missing tiles. Step on each tile and examine their state, if they can’t stand firm in their place or if you find any broken, you need to call the roofers for repairs.

4.    Light entering through the roof

Notice if light enters through your roof even after you switch off all the lights on the top floor. This indicates holes and cracks in the roof.  We strongly advise taking this sign under notice. It can make the job of roof repairing company more challenging.

5.      Old roofs

As the roofs get older, it becomes weaker. According to some expert roofers for repairs, you must consider roof repairs after fifteen years. It also depends upon the material used in the making of the roofs.

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